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1. The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), states that property insurance policies obligate you, the insured/policyholder, to prove your claim to the insurance company. The assistance of a professional can make a great deal of difference in your settlement: “Public adjusters are skilled in all aspects of the claims process, thereby putting the insured on equal footing with their insurance carrier. Licensed public adjusters have expertise in many areas, including the understanding complex insurance policies from an adjuster’s point of view. Public insurance adjusters are trained and skilled professionals with a genuine interest in serving the insured public with honesty and integrity.”

2. Mark Ryan Claims Adjusters are insurance professionals who work only for you, the policy owner, not the insurance company. The insurance company adjusters are working for the insurance company and represents their interests. We work exclusively for you to recover Top Dollar settlements. Why settle for a low offer from your insurance company? NAPIA further explains that “In settling a property loss in the best interest of the policyholder, everybody has a job to do. Public adjusters and insurance company adjusters have different interests and are bound to do their utmost to protect those interests. Most public adjusters base their business dealings on the belief that all parties to a claim settlement can work together with respect and integrity–even when serious conflict does arise.”

3. Mark Ryan Claims Adjusters are contingent on settlement. We do not charge upfront costs for services. If there is no recovery then there is no fee to you. A study performed by the Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability stated that in 2010 policyholders who utilized the services of a professional public insurance adjuster received, on average, 547% more for their claims than those people who didn’t. For catastrophic claims that number increased to 747%!